Glycerin Soap

Glycerin Soap

In general, the conditioning feeling of glycerin soap can be attributed to glycerin (aka glycerol or glycerine) itself. Since the majority of commercial soaps out there have already had the glycerin taken out of them to be used in other products, glycerin soap has become more and more popular in today’s society. A lot of beginners in the world of soap-making wonder how they can make glycerin soap. However, making glycerin soap from scratch is actually a pretty tricky process. To get around this trickiness, a lot of soapers use a base for their glycerin soap, which they buy from suppliers.

Naturally, it is possible to make glycerin soap completely from scratch and experienced soapers actually love the challenge of making it. However, you need to know that making this kind of soap entails using the old techniques used in making cold process soap, as well as ingredients like water and lye mixtures, oils and fats. Aside from that, sugar and high proof alcohol would also be required to make glycerin soap. This means that rubbing oil might not have enough alcohol concentration to make it and you might have to refer to the drinking kinds of alcohol instead, like vodka.

Now, while reading the instructions on making glycerin soap, beginners in the field might get a bit confused at first since some instructions will focus on using soap shavings or scraps to make it. If you have already made soap in the past, then you should know that recipe attempts gone wrong or the wrong balance of ingredients might have resulted in melted soap. Well, this melted soap is considered as soap scraps, so it can be used to make glycerin soap, as well. After that stage, you will have to jump into the more complex task of mixing melted substances with sugar, alcohol and glycerin (glycerol or glycerine).

Another method you can turn to to make glycerin soap would be melting and pouring. In a nutshell, a pure base of glycerin soap will be used here to create various unique sizes and shapes. This method can be fun for supervised children, too, and it also makes for a great craft project for friends and relatives. If you really love handcrafting things, then you will especially love coming up with attractive soap bars with frosted glass or stained glass effects, as well. If you want, you can even try to come up with aromatherapy glycerin soap bars. All you have to do is experiment with different fragrance oils and essential oils, and you will be able to make natural and beautiful alternatives to commercial soaps in no time.

Overall, creating glycerin soap from scratch can be very enjoyable. It isn’t too difficult to pick up and a lot of people actually master it a short span of time. Besides, there are a lot of benefits to creating glycerin soap in your own. These soaps also make for great gifts, no matter what the occasion may be, and they can be given to your family members and friends.


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